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 Lost Planet 2

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PostSubject: Lost Planet 2   Fri Apr 29, 2011 2:17 am

After playing the demo, this was a game I could not wait to get on my Birthday. Now that I have the actual game, I can give a proper review:

Let's start with menus. The menu has a good background music for a start. But anyway...the menu has pretty simple logos along the bottom, which makes it easier to navigate: one gun for single play, two guns for multiplayer, etc.

However, trying to get straight into campaign play is confusing. Lost Planet 2 is designed to be very online-orientated, so it is confusing when you enter the single player menu to see 'Connection type - Xbox LIVE'. Set the connection type to local and you're good to go. The setout for choosing your campaign setting is also slightly confusing, as instead of continuing from your previous progress, you choose the episode and chapter you want to start from. However, once this has been navigated, you're good to go!

The opening cutscene for the campaign is eventful and informative, but only to an extent, as the entire background of the game is in itself confusing. Anyway, once your through the cutscene, you can finally start. Now you have to navigate the vast and complicated obstacle of the controls. The 'B' button must have been the one left over, because it has to do a lot. Want to enter a VS? 'B' button. Want to dash? 'B' button. Activate a Data Post? There's a 'B' button for that, too. Eventually you can get used to the controls, but then you must deal with even more sets of controls when you deal with VSs. A VS isn't a difficult concept - they are suits your player can enter which have BIG GUNS! The controls don't differ much from the player controls, but the different VS types are confusing. Many have unique functions which you may have to get used to, but will only be able to find when you know what VS is which. This becomes apparent when you look at the VS manuals in the Options menu. Looking for a manal for a specific VS is impossible, because you never get told the Model Number of a VS, which corresponds to the manual. This is a major downside to VSs, but appart from that - they're cool, powerful, and give a new level to the gameplay, especially in online multiplayer.

Working through through the Campaign, you can pick up '? boxes', giving credits and occasionally rewards. Then, these credits can be used to work the slot machine and unlock weapons, emotes, and other things for the customization of your character. This gives the game a more personal feel. Anyway, in the Campaign, there is one major problem - YOU NEVER KNOW WTF IS GOING ON! This hinders gameplay somewhat, as you never know what you should be doing, and often end up shooting people who are on your side. The only time when you actually know what to do is when you're given a briefinng, or when a massive Category G Akrid rumbles out of the ground.

All in all, the graphics are good, the Campaign is exciting, the multiplayer characters have a personal feel, and the VSs are fun. However, the controls are clunky, the VS types are confusing, the story behind the campaign is confusing, and the Online aspect often gets in the way for just playing the game.

+ Graphics
+ VS!!!
+ Exciting gameplay
+ Customization
- Controls, especially for VS
- Story is never fully explained
- Not everybody wants to play online, K?

Systems available for: Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC
System played on: Xbox 360

My score: 89%

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Planet 2   Fri Apr 29, 2011 8:56 am


2 things though.

1: Did you play the first Lost Planet? I haven't but it may explain more about the story.
2: It is also available on PC. Just saying.

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PostSubject: Re: Lost Planet 2   Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:47 am

No, I didn't play the first, but the story could have been explained more in the first cutscene. They substituted explanation for action, methinks.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost Planet 2   

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Lost Planet 2
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