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PostSubject: | SE7EN |   Wed Feb 09, 2011 2:31 pm


Once, there was a young girl named Pandora. She was given a box containing seven deadly sins, and, because she was curious, she opened the box to have a look... only to have the sins escape. They were either already humanoids (the sins already had a human-looking form), or the sins took over human forms (thus making them immortal and, well, sins)... and thus, the seven deadly sins were unleashed upon the Earth.

Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Pride, and Gluttony have finally gotten on the world's last nerve. In an attempt to get rid of them, Pandora was sent to get them all together in a mansion, joined by mortals who were meant to keep the Sins entertained. The plan was to lock the seven sins away for the rest of eternity along with the humans, though as they all entered, the doors closed behind them... and refused to open.

So now, Pandora, the seven sins, and the humans are trapped for the rest of eternity together in a big mansion, never to be seen by the outside world ever again. Because the house is charmed and they can't get out, you know. What happens? That's up to you.

Notes About Life Here

On the first floor is your basics: Kitchen, living room, bathroom, and a bunch of little rooms that serve no purpose. Except to hold whatever Greed claims. More food appears every six hours if needed. And with Gluttony, they'll need it. The second and third floors are for bedrooms, some more bathrooms, and on the third floor there is also a library. There's a basement filled with a bunch of crud (televisions, radios, board games, just... a lot of random junk), and an attic for holding more junk (though it is currently empty). You are allowed to go outside, but it is required for you to stay within fifty yards of the house. There is a swimming pool out back, too. Because everybody likes swimming. Well, most people, at least.


-No power-playing.
-No god-modding.
-Follow forum rules.
-Five sentences in a post.
-Decent spelling, decent grammar.
-I honestly do not care how many characters you have considering in some roleplays I can have over twenty, but for this roleplay please give people a chance to have a sin that they want, meaning take a sin, if one isn't taken for a while and you want it, go ahead and take it.

Profile Skeleton

Sin: [If human, put human. If you want the role of Pandora, put, well, Pandora.]
Bio: [Five sentences, please~!]
Personality: [Three sentences at the least, please~]
Picture: [If you could use a link, I'd be happy, but just posting the picture is fine, too.]

[Note: Sin names are linked to sin information. Usernames are linked to character pictures.]






TAKEN - reef2


TAKEN - reef2


Alex Valentine - TIF
Tobi Duuray - Powerrave

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PostSubject: Re: | SE7EN |   Thu Feb 10, 2011 9:35 am

Username: TIF
Name: Pride
Gender: Female
Sin: Pride
Bio: Pride was one of the Sins to have had a humanoid body to begin with, and had a strong attraction to Lust, though she was too proud to admit it and he didn't seem interested anyway. She watched as the humans went about their everyday, being as abysmal and ugly as possible, and pretty much resented them for it. However, she eventually met a human as pretty as her, who seemed very Lust-like in a few of his ways - his name was Alex Valentine, and he was chosen to be one of the humans to entertain the Sins. She got along well with Alex, even though he didn't realise that she was a Sin at first. He was the one who introduced her to fun and games, though she still liked mirrors and compliments more.
Personality: Let's be blunt here. Pride is a vain bitch. However, if you can see through that, you get to a girl who longs for friends, but is too proud of herself to say so. She likes admiring her appearance and does so a helluva lot. She enjoys Alex's company, and especially likes it when he compliments her or styles her hair. She seems to have a crush on Alex, but is too proud to say so.
Picture: Pride

Username: TIF
Name: Alex Valentine
Gender: Male
Bio: Alex Valentine. The dreamy guy with one helluvan imagination and a way with women. A regular guy, at first, he eventually met Pride, who was watching the humans go about their daily lives in the way she deemed disgusting. He reminded her of Lust in many of his ways, so she put up with him. They eventually became good friends, and Alex taught Pride some of the more fun human ways. Alex was then chosen as one of the humans to entertain the Sins in the mansion because of Pride's attachment to him.
Personality: Alex has a very self-confident personality, and seems to be arrogant, though he is well-footed in what he says. He isn't modest where it isn't necessary, and certainly isn't shy. He's also very flirtatious and likes to entertain flattery from the females inside the mansion. He's very Lust-like in his ways in many a sense as well.
Picture: Alex Valentine

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PostSubject: Re: | SE7EN |   Thu Feb 10, 2011 12:02 pm

Username: Powerrave/PR/ThePowerrave/Because I Can/Raver.

Name: Tobi Duuray (Nicknames himself '2D' and prefers to be called that way).

Gender: Dude-ish male.

Sin: Human.

Bio: Tobi mostly did nothing but hang around on the streets and drink a lot. He didn't have much in the way of family or friends and just took what he could take. He might have also killed a few people in the past, but he has forgotten all of it. Later on, Tobi found himself stuck in the mansion after a few days, not remembering a thing. He was probably drunk while walking in. He was no idea of where he ended up and didn't know any of the beings in the mansion.

Personality: Tobi is a very laid back person. He doesn't care about anything or anyone, not even himself in some cases. He also isn't very social most of the time. He also has a habit of drinking a lot.


Been long since I joined someone else its RP. Hope to have this accepted. =D

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PostSubject: Re: | SE7EN |   Thu Feb 10, 2011 2:08 pm

Both accepted~
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