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PostSubject: Audiosurf   Sun Oct 31, 2010 10:56 am

yeah i like writing reviews. and i have been playing Audiosurf a bit lately. so now, lets get the facts together.

getting started, there is instantly something to notice. a long and unskippable intro. it will start windowed and load the news on scores and such. after that, you will get a quite big seizure warning, bigger then really is needed. with a slow start-up which is always in windowed mode, you put it in full-screen mode with a handy button in the top-right corner. well, after that, you can play the game.

this brings us with quite a nice part. you have different characters to work with and different difficulty settings. this way, you have easy, normal and hard. ok, but there is more. you can also turn on something called 'Ironmode'. this will spice up all difficulty's nicely. most character in this game just give the same gameplay, but different ability's that can help you on the track. one type of character, Mono, works a little different. more on that later on. when you have selected a character, the best part comes. selected the song on your computer that you want to play in this game. that's right, in Audiosurf, each song is a different level and each song has it's own scoreboard.

that all sounds great, but what do you do? well, you start at the beginning on the track you selected with a hovering ship. on the track you see 3 coulombs. as the song plays, you pick up blocks and make groups of 3 or more of the same colour match. those will be removed and counted up to your score. with the Mono character, you have just grey blocks and coloured blocks. you avoid the grey one's and pick up all the coloured one's. the colours you see are also different for each songs. on calm bits in the song, the track will go upwards and look purple or blue. when a song goes hard and gets quite intense, the track will go downwards and show more yellow and red. and in between it, the track will go straight and looks green.

overall this game looks great. the graphics quality is not superb, but good enough to make it looks lively. bright and flashy colours everywhere and strange floating things next to the track make it look very... alive. a downside is that sometimes the track passes trough one of those floating things, or the track itself. with this you can't see what is up ahead and that is quite annoying.

+unique gameplay
+each song is one level
+looks lively
+each song has its own scoreboard
-slow startup
-no option to make it start in full-screen
-sometimes a bug on the track

systems it is on: PC and Zune HD
system i played it on: PC

score: 79%

here you can see it in action:

yeah i'm not that good. and i should become able to record in higher quality.

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