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 Champions Online

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PostSubject: Champions Online   Mon Oct 11, 2010 1:03 pm

foreword: i thought it was time for a new review. and thanks to TIF, this was the game up for a review. it may also help people for the RP based on this game.

so, when i first heard about Champions Online, i was already surprised with the large amount of options. when the game was released, me and 3xR got it and tried it out. so... choosing your power is the first big choice you get to make. there are a lot of different powers. but it's not just one power you get to have, no no no. you can even combine powers. this way you could have darkness, electricity, guns and bestial supernatural. that was just an example, there are way more powers. later in the game you can even change the colour of your attacks. then when you have your powers, time to make the character. the amount of options you get for your characters is seriously massive. you will always be able to make something original.

i could go on quite long about the options. lets move on to gameplay. overall, it looks a lot like World of Warcraft. top left corner you have your health, energy and experience. left bottom has the chatbox. bottom shows moves. right bottom your inventory. right centre your missions. right top minimap and other stuff like messages. you can walk normally, or like a beast. you can use a travel power like flying, tunnelling under the ground or teleporting. and the best part, the fighting goes pretty fast. eventho at some points the auto targeting system can take a wrong target and attract more enemy's then you can handle. disregard that, the fighting works well.

another point this game scores high on are the graphics. it being super hero comic style, the entire game looks a bit like a comic. black lines around the edges but still well detailed textures make this game look very nice. it gaves a fresh and lively feel to the game.
now this game is completely online, as you may have guessed by the name. but to be able to play, you do need a subscription. there are also extras you can buy in-game, but it does require some real money. at least it is worth it. i mean, everyone likes to have more options when it comes to making a character.

+massive load of customising options
+smooth and fast fighting
+lively graphics style
-other players that keep challenging you for a PVP match
-internet connection and payment required to play
-limited map space

systems this game is for: PC
system i played it on: PC

my score: 85%

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Champions Online
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