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 READ before making a review!

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PostSubject: READ before making a review!   Tue Aug 17, 2010 10:28 am

ok now i'm gonna put down a few rules for making reviews on games. should be fairly easy to follow.

- no super short stuff.
a review should be detailed and preferably, a bit lengthy is also good. people should know what you talk about when they read your review

- proper grammar.
because everybody should be able to read your review. it would be a waste if you made something big and no-one can read it.

- systems.
include what systems this is available on and what you played this on. put this on the top or the bottom of you're review.

- ups&downs.
at the end of a review, show the good sides and the bad sides of the game you reviewed.

- scores.
give a score to the game at the end of a review. this can be done with a percentage (0% - 100%) or a normal rating (0/100. or roughly 0/10). be fair on rating a game.

- topics.
if there already is a topic for a game that you want to review, then use that topic. do not create a new topic if it is not needed.

well, that will do for now. you may also do a preview on a game, but i doubt that any of us would be able to get to that properly.

good example's:
Monster Hunter Tri

now, you people can discus the rules here and suggest changes or new rules. whether they will become official or not is a different matter.

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READ before making a review!
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