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 Monster hunter tri review

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PostSubject: Monster hunter tri review   Mon Jun 21, 2010 11:06 am

Average score: 94% or 9/10

Do you remember your first big gaming moment? When you just saw one thing in a game that took your breath away whether it be your first 3d game or the first time you played a game. This is one of those moments.

From the off you can instantly see the brilliance of one of Japan’s most popular games, the luscious scenery and attention to detail that pushes the wii to it’s limits graphically. But as we all know graphics aren’t everything if the gameplay is poor, but fortunately Monster Hunter Tri doesn’t disappoint in the gameplay elements. This is a third person action game that also has strategic elements to it. Each weapon you use has it’s strong and weak points, and also you must remember that you will be better with some weapons than with others and some weapons will stop you from getting the necessary material from a monster for example, if you go blundering in with a greatsword you are unlikely to get a fragile kelbi (deer type creature) horn, whereas if you knock it out with a sword and shield then you can harvest the horn for your next weapon upgrade.

The moment that you put the disc in and watch the opening sequence you know that it’s something special. They have created a living breathing ecosystem, if you go unnoticed long enough then you will see a carnivore attack a herbivore and proceed to kill it, the bigger creatures will eat the smaller. The combat runs smoothly and you know that if you get hit it’s because you made a mistake, such as the timing being off or that you hit the wrong button, the only control problem is when you press X and Y and sometimes it only recognises Y but that was probably due to the fact that Y was my first input. The best way to play this is not with wiimote and nunchuck, but with the new classic controller pro that comes enclosed, it is more robust than the previous classic controller with the shoulder buttons being larger than its predecessor.

The new addition of the Moga woods (basically a training ground) can mean if you go a while without playing and forget the controls then you can go there to re-remember the controls, as well as that it you can use it to get basic resources and you spend most of your time there during the games opening. The underwater combat (yet another new addition) runs very smoothly, and using the camera to control swimming direction is genius as it removes the confliction between moving vertically and horizontally (namely you if you pushed the stick up to move forwards and it moves up instead and vice-versa). The online play is a lag free experience with people who help you out when you are in trouble and come with you to do other quests, namely the ones that you are having trouble with, and they will help you to harvest the materials needed.

All in all a great game the combat system is as brilliant as ever but made better by the ability to use the right stick to control the camera (unlike the handheld predecessors) the only thing that is really bad is the virtual keyboard used in online play, the best thing to do there is to buy a USB keyboard to chat with others.

+graphically pleasing
+fluent battle system
+musical score is brilliant
+underwater controls are fluent
+lag free online
+moga woods (hunting monsters, collecting resources, infinite lives)
-the virtual keyboard
-occasional X+Y failiure
-the chacha throwing bombs which then blows you up rather than the monster
-the occasional online arsehole that decides to hit you for failing to do something

my score: 94% or 9/10

System it's for: Wii... yes that's it, don't see the point of this, but 'tis the rules lest I *stops before things that could be possibly offensive to admins*
admin edit/message: yes it is a Wii exclusive, and i can understand that you don't see the point in having to add this in then. but it is mainly for those who don't know that it is a Wii exclusive. that is pretty much why i want the systems shown in a review, so people who never heard about it before can know what it is for.
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Monster hunter tri review
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